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Hearing Loss Victoria TX

Types, Causes, And Treatment Of Hearing Loss In Victoria TX

Hearing loss refers to a condition in which the ability to hear is reduced. This condition makes it difficult to hear sound and speech. In most cases, this condition progresses slowly, making it difficult to recognize any major symptoms.

There are three major types of hearing loss in Victoria TX;

1) Sensorineural hearing loss:

This is a form of hearing loss that comes as a result of problems with the inner ear such as damage to the tiny hair cell in the inner ear. It is also called nerve-related hearing loss. Hearing loss due to aging and constant exposure to noise are examples of Sensorineural hearing loss.

2) Conductive hearing loss:

As the name connotes, conductive hearing loss describes a form of hearing loss which arises due to the inability of the ear to conduct sounds into the inner ear from the outer ear. This form of hearing loss comes when there is a problem with the eardrum, ear canal, the middle ear or its three small bones.

3) Mixed hearing loss:

When a hearing loss comes as a result of sensorineural and conductive factors, it is termed mixed hearing loss. This means the ear has problems conducting sounds to the middle ear and at the same time, the tiny hair cell of the inner ear is damaged.

Factors that contribute to hearing loss

There are many factors that can contribute to or lead to hearing loss in Victoria TX, but the two most popular are aging and exposure to noise.

1) Presbyacusis:

This is the term that describes hearing loss due to aging. For most people, hearing capacity begins to decline slightly between their 30s and 40s. More than half of the population, aged 80 and above, have suffered significant hearing loss.

2) Noise:

Noise is the second most popular reason for hearing loss. This exposure could be work-related, e.g. people working in close proximity with airplanes or loud machinery, and sometimes it could be voluntary, e.g. loud noise from clubs, stereo, rock concerts or headphones.

3) Otosclerosis:

This is a disease of the middle ear occasioned by difficulty in movement of the three tiny bones. It is an example of conductive hearing loss in Victoria TX and can be treated via surgery.

4) Meniere disease:

This is another middle ear disease with unknown cause. It is found in adults of between 30-50 years of age. Meniere disease is an example of sensorineural hearing loss. Symptoms of this disease include ringing in the ear, dizziness, and sensitivity to loud noise.

5) Medications:

There are certain drugs that are known to contribute to hearing loss, some of these medications include; chemotherapy drugs, loop diuretics, and aminoglycoside antibiotics.

6) Physical injury:

Certain physical injuries such as a hole in the eardrum, traumatic brain injury, and damage to the middle ear.

7) Acoustic neuroma:

This is a form of tumor that causes hearing loss. Some symptoms of this tumor include ringing in the ear and a feeling of fullness in the ear.

Treatment of hearing loss in Victoria TX

Most forms of hearing loss cannot be restored, it can only be treated. The most popular treatment option for hearing loss is the use of hearing aids. In some cases, they can be treated through implants and surgery, particularly conductive hearing loss.

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