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5 Questions To Ask Our Texas Hearing Specialists

When we are visiting Texas hearing specialists, we are often trying to fix a problem that may seem unable to be fixed. A loss of hearing or a sudden change in hearing can be a very scary prospect. Visiting Texas hearing specialists is one of the best ways to stem the tide and return our hearing to the level that we are accustomed to.

The initial consultation is a great time to get to know more about our Texas hearing specialists. Let's take a closer look at the most commonly asked questions so that patients are able to get the absolute most out of their appointments.

1) What Is My Exact Issue?

Hearing loss is not something that we can place into a neat category and be on our merry way. It is caused by a number of issues and there are a wide range of hearing loss issues that need to be addressed. There are three main types of hearing loss and a patient will need to choose the Texas hearing specialists that are best equipped to deal with their specific issue.

2) What Are The Three Main Types of Hearing Loss?

In reality, there are two main types and they will often converge to form a third. If the patient has experienced damages to the brain's nerve pathways or to the inner ear, this is known as sensorineural hearing loss. Hearing loss takes place from a conductive standpoint is different. This form of hearing loss describes a patient whose ear canals no longer allow sound to travel in the proper manner. Some patients may find themselves experiencing a combination of each.

3) Is The Issue Taking Place In Both Ears?

This may seem silly to some. The idea that we would experience hearing loss in one ear and not the other might not seem like a viable one from a medical standpoint. It is important for patients to know that their hearing may be affected in one ear and not the other for legitimate medical reasons. In the same way that one leg or one arm may be shorter than the other, we may also have two ears that hear the same sounds differently.

4) What Hearing Aid Is Best For My Specific Needs?

Many visits to the hearing specialist culminate in the choosing of a hearing aid. All hearing aids are created differently and are designed to cater to different needs. The hearing aids are also designed for different patients who have different lifestyles. Be as honest as possible with the specialist about the needs that the hearing aid will have to address. The more information we provide, the easier their job becomes.

5) Will We Need Follow Up Appointments?

Like any other piece of electronic equipment that we are using to regulate our health, hearing aids do require something of an occasional tune up. Think about it this way. We wouldn't use a telescope or a set of binoculars without adjusting them or fine tuning them sometimes, right? The hearing aids that we select will certainly be no different.

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