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Maintenance Tips For Victoria Hearing Aids

Being hard of hearing is challenging. However, thanks to the advancement of technology, you can enjoy a normal life with your peers. Victoria hearing aids are used to improve the quality of lives of people who are hard of hearing. A hearing aid is designed to make sounds audible thus improving an individual's hearing. This medical device is expensive in many countries, and its distribution is regulated. If you are about to buy a hearing aid or you already own one, it is important that you take good care of it so that it will function properly and last for long. Your audiologist will be required to teach you how to take care of the hearing aid. If they don't, demand that they do and ask them for battery testers, drying containers and forced air blowers.

How To Maintain Your Victoria Hearing Aids

1) Clean, Clean, Clean

Just like other medical appliances, hearing aids need cleaning too. You need to clean your hearing aids with a dry cloth from time to time. The cloth should be soft. Remove it, check for grime and dirt and clean with dry cloth. The earmolds in the hearing aid should be removed carefully and cleaned with a soap solution. Make sure you use mild soap. After that, dry them using a forced air blower.

2) Carry Out Listening Checks

Make sure you listen to your Victoria hearing aid every day. It will help you confirm if it is working well. Use a listening tube to listen to the sounds to make sure they are clear. If the sounds are weak or scratchy, then something may be wrong. Ask your audiologist to teach you how to find out what sounds are ideal.

3) Check The Batteries

Since you use your hearing aids every day, you are advised to check the batteries every two weeks. You can find out the battery health with a battery tester. Make sure the batteries are working at full strength. Keep spare batteries at home to use in case you notice weak performance. The batteries should be stored in a cool and dry place.

4) Try To Avoid Feedback

If you're wondering what feedback in your hearing aid is, it is that whistling sound you hear sometimes. This sound typically occurs when the amplified sounds from the earmold reenter the microphone. If you hear feedbacks, it may mean that the earmold is too small or that the ear canal is full of wax. You should visit your audiologist when you hear feedback on your hearing aid.

5) Keep Moisture At Bay

Try not to let your hearing aid get wet. If you let too much moisture set in, the function of the hearing aid might be disrupted. This is why you need to use a hearing container to help keep moisture at bay. However, always take the batteries out before placing your hearing aids in the storage container.

If you notice that your hearing aid isn't functioning properly despite your efforts to maintain it, visit your audiologist for assistance. An audiologist will help you make the necessary adjustments to your Victoria hearing aids.

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